j0386811.jpgSound Clear has been created with the express purpose of becoming “clear & sound” in a world of noisy, confusing blogs void of truth. Sound Clear seeks to defend and reveal the Doctrines of Grace and Reformed theology. This is a group blog with many authors who have been convinced of these great high and lofty truths.

Blogging has exploded and with it also has blown waves of falsities and half-truths. Sound Clear seeks to accomplish this purpose specifically through seeking humility as a “truth filter” in the pool of fruitful and fruitless blogs. As prideful as that may sound, we honestly seek to aid Christians in their search for sound & clear truth and aid those whose desire is to shine that truth. We do not claim to be the standard, trend setter, or end-all-be-all. But we are seeking God and He is revealing more of Himself to us. We wish to only share this with others in the same Berean spirit we take it in (specifically in the blogging world). Ultimately, God’s Word is the final and only authority and is more than capable of handling any test. We challenge you and urge you to test this blog, test the spirits to see if they are from God, search it out for yourself, examine it, dig it out, and let it all conform to the light of scripture.

There is an urgent need to separate truth from lies by bringing together the doctrines that are dedicated to this sound & clear truth, namely that God is Holy and Perfect; His Son Jesus Christ is the only way, the only truth, the only life; the Holy Spirit is full of wisdom and power; the Bible alone is sufficient; Salvation is by God alone from His grace alone through our faith alone which comes from Him alone, apart from human works or decisions; the Biblical Gospel is the most important news to the world and regenerate Christian, and should be at the center of everything, preached purely, reverently, and in a way that pleases God alone, brings glory to His name alone, and exalts His Son Jesus Christ alone; and the pure milk and meat of the word is what God has ordained and is well pleased in to save those who believe, nothing else, so that no man may boast in His presence boasting only in Christ alone. Our focus here will be the convictions of the Reformation: sound doctrine, theology rich in truth and dedicated to God’s glory, biblical discernment, separation from pop spirituality and modern American Christianity, Gospel preaching, Biblical evangelism, spiritual growth, and justification by faith alone in Christ alone to the glory of God alone.

We will seek to accomplish this by defending and revealing the doctrines of God and His Holy Word. This will be most accurately represented by what is typically called the Doctrines of Grace.

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